Care management

Your care plan

Individuals requiring care at home have many different needs and the amount of care and support required can and does vary. We offer support visits starting from as little as 30 minutes to longer term care when a higher level of assistance may be required. You can decide how often and for how long the calls are required to ensure that your needs are met.

Creating your care plan

There are 6 Key Steps to the creation of your care plan.

Step 1: Initial phone conversation to discuss general needs.

Step 2 : A Registered Nurse will carry out an initial assessment with you in your home (significant other/or existing carers are encouraged to be involved in this step).

Step 3: Based on a comprehensive assessment the Bluebird Care team will develop a recommended care plan specifically to meet your needs.

Step 4: Your Care Plan is agreed and signed by you and/or significant other.

Step 5: You are introduced to your care team and your Care Plan is put into place.

Step 6: Every 4 months your Care Plan is reviewed (or sooner if required).

Note: If hospitalisation occurs during the care plan period a full reassessment will be carried out to address any changes in care needs.

Quality managment of your care plan

At Bluebird Care we put you at the heart of everything we do.

  • Your care plan will be kept in your home at all times.
  • Your care team will record your care activities onto your care record as part of your daily care management.
  • Where a care team member has a concern about your health or wellbeing they will report this to a senior member of the care team who will manage the concern directly with you or your significant other where appropriate.
  • Bluebird Care has a robust Accident & Incident Policy for the management of any accidents or incidents that arise as part of care provision.
  • Bluebird Care has a Complaints and Compliments Policy which customers and/or a significant other can use for the formal communication of any complaints or compliments regarding care provision.

Your care team

Our staff operate to the highest of professional standards, providing your care and support with kindness, compassion, consideration and respect.

  • All Bluebird Care Team members hold the relevant qualifications for the care they are providing.
  • Every Care Team is managed by a Clinical Nurse Manager who is responsible for the overall management of your Care Plan.
  • Bluebird Care Teams are provided with a comprehensive set of policies, protocols and care pathways that are aligned with HSE service provision thus ensuring continuity of care from hospital to home.
  • Bluebird Care Teams are fully supported through the provision of training, supervision and resources to provide you with the best in quality care.
  • All staff are employed directly by Bluebird Care, thus we deal with the administering of payroll, taxes, PRSI, providing comprehensive public liability and employers liability insurance thus removing the stress of any “employer liability” from you the client.

To view the Bluebird Care Clinical Governance Chart Click Here