Domiciliary care (home care)

Home care and support allows you flexibility to live safely in your own home.

Domiciliary Care

At Bluebird Care, we offer high quality domiciliary care, tailored to you and your needs, meaning you can maintain your chosen lifestyle.  

We believe that everyone is unique, so we build our home care packages around your needs, from daily visits to more complex care. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all home care. We keep you in control and offer support attuned to your preferences.   

Please visit our Services page to see the home care services available from Bluebird Care.

What is Domiciliary care?

Domiciliary care (also known as home care) is a type of support delivered on your home. It might be a helping hand with household chores, personal care, or even companionship visits. It might be support with more complex needs and conditions such as dementia.  

Domiciliary care allows you to receive the support you need in the place you want to be - home.  

At Bluebird Care, our home care packages are tailored around you. From specific needs to individual preferences, we work with you to put together a tailored care plan.  

Our domiciliary care services are intended to support you in living your life. From accompanying you to doctors appointments to grocery shopping, and even socialising with friends and family. Our goal is support you in living an independent life.  

Our domiciliary care services allow you, and your family, the peace of mind needed to keep you in your home. 

What domiciliary care services can you provide?

Domiciliary care covers a wide range of services, from simple companionship visits to more complex care needs.  

At Bluebird Care, we’re fully equipped to support you at a variety of  life stages. Get in touch today to find how we can support you with our domiciliary care services.

Please visit our Services page to see the home care services available from Bluebird Care.

How can Domiciliary care help me?

Domiciliary care means you can receive tailored support in your own home, minimising the distress of being separated from your belongings and memories.  

We pride ourselves on offering flexible home care packages, geared towards finding the perfect solution for the individual.  

Our domiciliary care services can be used for short term help following an illness or because your usual carer is having a break, or as the start of your care journey where it may develop to long-term home care and support. Our dedicated team of home care assistants are fully trained to: 

  • Helping you start the day, including; getting up, washed, dressed and having a healthy breakfast
  • Support with medication: from collecting prescriptions to assisting with taking medications 
  • Support with mealtimes (preparing meals and assisting with eating) 
  • Support with household chores such as laundry and general tidying  
  • Assist with social outings, whether attending clubs, places of worship or simply going for a stroll 
  • Provide personal care: organising bathing, cleaning of clothes, and fresh bedding 
  • Help with bedtime routines 

Get in touch with Bluebird Care today to find out how our home care services can support you or your loved one to remain independent at home. 


*Not all Bluebird Care offices provide this service. Please check with your local office if this service is available.

How to find the right care for you or your relative

1. Find your local office

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2. Get in touch with us

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3. Assessment

We’ll come out to you to find out what you or your loved one needs to help stay independent at home.

4. Care team chosen & care starts

You'll be cared for by our specially trained team to support you to remain at home for as long as possible.

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