Companionship care

Companion Care 

As we grow older, maintaining social connections becomes more difficult. Whether due to busy schedules or health issues, ageing can impact the quantity and quality of social contact you get.  

A lack of social contact can contribute to loneliness, depression, and heightened stress. As such, enjoying regular social activities is vital to your health and well-being.  

That’s why we offer in-home companion care. 

What is Companion Care?

Companion care is a type of home care, delivered by a care assistant. A lifeline for many, companion care offers tailored support and friendship. It might be accompanying you to social events. It might be support with domestic tasks. It might be a regular catch-up over a cuppa.  

Companion care in the elderly lessens anxiety and prevents isolation. Not to mention improving quality of life.  

Our companion services are in high demand, offering support with a range of activities, including: 

  • Companionship and conversation 

  • Cooking and sharing meals 

  • Help with grocery shopping 

  • Joining in with your favourite hobbies 

  • Support with general domestic tasks (laundry, cleaning, etc.) 

  • Help with travel arrangements 

  • Arranging and accompanying you to and from appointments  

  • Planning outings and visits 

Age shouldn’t be a barrier to happiness. Our companion care ensures you lead a happy, stimulating life - from the comfort of home.  

Contact us today to discuss your needs.  

*Not all Bluebird Care offices provide this service. Please check with your local office if this service is available.

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