Respite care

Need a break from caring for someone, or looking for short term care? Respite care could be what you're looking for.

Respite Care

Caring for someone can be challenging; respite care allows you to recharge, safe in the knowledge that your loved one is in safe hands.  

Whether it’s a short break to refresh yourself or an opportunity to run important errands, respite care poses vital well-being benefits for you and the person you care for.  

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is a type of short-term care delivered by someone other than your loved one’s regular carer. Typically, a carer will stay in your home for a pre-determined amount of time, allowing you time to rest, recharge and tend to personal errands.  

We understand your desire to provide the best possible support for your loved one, but it’s equally important to care for yourself. The better rested you are, the better support you can offer.  Our reliable, compassionate care assistants are fully trained, giving you the peace of mind you need to take that much-needed break.

Why is Respite Care Important?

Caring for a loved one requires energy, compassion, and patience. Over time you may become exhausted or even unwell; respite care allows you to de-stress without worrying if your loved one’s needs are being met. 

It also affords you time to attend private appointments, run errands and spend quality time with friends and family. By doing so, you’ll be taking better care of yourself, allowing you to offer better support to your loved one.  

Respite care also poses well-being benefits to the person you care for, offering a break from routine and the chance to meet new people.  

Benefits of respite care

Key benefits of respite care include:

  • Reduced stress levels, for both you and your loved one, helping to maintain a healthy relationship  
  • Relieved frustrations and possible feelings of resentment.
  • More time for you to interact with family and friends or the wider community.
  • Opportunities to work, study, or even enjoy a holiday  
  • Chances for your loved one to meet new people, break up their usual routine, and engage with new stimuli 

“Thanks to Bluebird Care I’ve been able to plan my next Respite break.” 

What do Respite Care Assisstants do?

Everyone’s needs are different. As such, there’s no one-size-fits-all style of respite care.  

Our care assistants can are able to help with a variety of everyday activities including:  

  • Companionship 

  • Outings 

  • Overnight care 

  • Holiday 

  • Personal care 

  • Mealtimes 

  • Household chores 

  • Shopping 

  • Medication 

Still not sure? See how respite care helped Valerie & Tim.  

How to Get Respite Care

If you feel you and your loved one would benefit from respite care, get in touch today to arrange a consultation.  

How to find the right care for you or your relative

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